The Research Council shall consist of twelve faculty members:  three from each of the following fields:  biological sciences, physical sciences, social sciences, and arts and humanities.  Members shall be appointed by the President of the Faculty Senate.  Terms shall be for three years.  The Committee on Committees shall consult with the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development in preparing its list of nominees.  The Research Councill shall elect one of the faculty members as Chairperson.  The Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development or his/her designee shall serve as non-voting Executive Secretary. 


The major functions and responsibilities of the Council shall be to encourage research throughout UNL, to seek funds for support of research, and to administer creatively all funds allocated to it for research.  The Council shall present on an annual basis to the Chancellor a statement concerning the needs for research at UNL.  The Council shall act as a central agency in integrating information on research projects.  It may recommend to the Chancellor and the Board of Regents that faculty members be relieved of teaching obligations to pursue approved research projects.  The Council shall also be responsbile for the selection of lectures sponsored by the Montgomery Lecture Series by funds provided to support similar programs.

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