Endorsement of Campuswide Collaborative on Sexual Misconduct Statement

The Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate endorses the following statement from our faculty colleagues who served on the Campuswide Collaborative on Sexual Misconduct. We second the calls on the administration by the statement’s signatories to provide regular and data driven annual updates on the progress toward the report’s recommendations and formally request that collaborative members be included in determining best practices regarding the report’s recommendations. Like our colleagues who served on the collaborative, and the many victims of these crimes, we are growing increasingly impatient with the slow pace of change we observe when it comes to preventing--and providing significant consequences for perpetrators of--sexual misconduct on campus. We are eager to be part of the solution. We request and pledge ongoing consultation with campus leaders as administration institutes changes in response to the Collaborative’s recommendations with the goal of creating a safer and more responsive campus.


View the full statement here.